Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hollywood No No's

There are lots of unspoken rules in Hollywood.  Things only insiders know.  Usually the only way to learn how to behave as you network in the entertainment business is through trial and error.  Luckily since I have already experienced many of these mistakes, I can share with you some of what I have learned.  An article I wrote recently addressed the faux pas that one can make in their eagerness to break in. 

Schmoozing Don'ts in the Entertainment Business

In my article on Schmoozing, I listed some of the positive steps a newcomer to the entertainment business can try to take to improve their networking skills.   This article will focus on a few of the No No’s.  My experience as an agent in Hollywood since 1991 has given me ample time to discover (the hard way) all the little things that people in the biz find irritating.  Click here to finish reading the article!

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